Marwari Wedding Rituals Customs and Traditions in India

A highly successful business community in India, that roots from the princely state of Rajasthan, the Marwaris make one of the very rich and cultural communities of the country.

A highly successful business community in India, that roots from the princely state of Rajasthan, the Marwaris make one of the very rich and cultural communities of the country. Be it the pre wedding, post wedding and the main Marwari Wedding Rituals. The ceremonies are packed with an exhibition of the rich and pompous cultural roots of the community. If you have been lucky enough to attend an entire saga of marwari wedding functions, then we’re pretty sure that the energy you have experienced is still hard to move on over!

So if you are up for witnessing or getting married in the Marwari style, you definitely need to know what the rituals mean.

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The Royal Marwari Wedding Rituals In India.

  • Rupiyo Nariyal And Engagement.
  • Griha Shanti And Ganpati Sthapana.
  • Pithi Dastoor or Haldi
  • Mehndi Marwari Wedding Rituals.
  • Marwari Marriage Rituals Of Mehfil.
  • Mahira Dastoor.
  • Marwari Wedding Rituals Of Palla Dastoor.
  • Nikasi Marwari Wedding Rituals.
  • Baraat.
  • Arti Ceremony.
  • Dwar Chakai  Marwari Wedding Rituals.
  • Jai Mala Marwari Marriage Rituals.
  • Mama Milni.
  • Granthi Bandhan.
  • Panigrahan Marwari Wedding Rituals.
  • Kanyadan.
  • Pheras.
  • Ashwarohan Marwari Wedding Rituals.
  • Jua Khilai  Marwari Wedding Rituals.
  • Bidai.

Rupiyo Nariyal And Engagement.

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Rupio means money and Nariyal stands for Coconut. This is the first ceremony the couple has before they step into their new journey ahead. This is basically the engagement ceremony in the Marwari Wedding Rituals.

Griha Shanti And Ganpati Sthapana.

Lord Ganesha is regarded as the God of fresh starts. Venerating Ganpati before starting significant festivities like that as marriages is said to bring happiness. The Griha Shanti and Ganesh Vandana is done usually two days before the main wedding date.

Pithi Dastoor or Haldi.

The bride and the groom are applied a concoction of turmeric, sandalwood and rose water, and other skin soothing elements. The family members perform this very fun marwari wedding traditions, very similar to the Haldi ceremony.

Mehndi Marwari Wedding Rituals.

Henna is believed to be a herald of prosperity and good luck. So the bride gets her hands adorned by beautiful designs of henna leaf stains. The groom is also made to stain his hands in Henna, as a part of the tradition.

Marwari Marriage Rituals Of Mehfil.

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Mehfils are the chill events very similar to that of a sangeet night. The families of the banna and banni gather together and celebrate the evening merrying out. They sing and dance to their traditional and folk music.

Mahira Dastoor.

This marwari jain wedding rituals celebrate the sweet and adorable relationship of the bride and her groom with her maternal uncle (maama). The couple is blessed by their maternal uncles and showered with gifts and sweets.

Marwari Wedding Rituals Of Palla Dastoor.

The groom’s side of the family visits the bride just a few hours before the main wedding ceremony and blesses her with gifts. The marwari wedding dress gifted to her by the groom’s family is supposed to be worn by her for the pheras.

Nikasi Marwari Wedding Rituals.

Right before the groom and his family heads out towards the bride’s home, for the marriage ceremony, his sisters put a kajal ka tika on their dear brother’s eyes to shoo away negative eyes. The groom’s jeeja also attaches the sehra to the groom’s headgear.


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The Banna Raja is ready to go and marry the love of his life. He is prepared with his pushtaini sword, and riding his horse, just like an Indian rajput Royalty. The Baaraat or the family of the groom follows him after.

Arti Ceremony.

The bride’s family welcomes the groom and his family performing a special aarti for them. The to-be mother- in-law of the Banna welcomes him and performs aarti to shoo away evil energy around him.

Dwar Chakai  Marwari Wedding Rituals.

The entrance of the venue is adorned with Garlands and torans. The groom hits them with his sword or a neem tree stick. He is supposed to fight away evil spirits through this ritual.

Jai Mala Marwari Marriage Rituals.

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The eyes of the couple finally meet. The Bride greets the love of her life and welcomes him with an aarti and tilak. After this the couple exchange flower garlands, To add to the quirk of the ritual, their peers stop them from doing so playfully.

Mama Milni.

After the couple are done with the Jaimala ritual, the uncles of the both sides greet and welcome each other with flower garlands. The bride’s side welcomes and greets the baaraatis to a seating area.

Granthi Bandhan.

The groom’s sister ties the pallu of the bride to the stole of the groom. This is deemed as a pious jor, that celebrates the bond of love, reliance, and trust a couple has through a marriage. 

Panigrahan Marwari Wedding Rituals.

Through this ceremony, they swear to becoming one other's continuing support.The groom receives the bride's hand in his and they vow to be there for each other through the ups and downs of their life. 


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The most heartfelt and emotional moment of the marwari wedding rituals list. This is the moment when the bride's father hands over care for his little angel to her groom. For the entire family, it is a really bittersweet and sentimental moment.


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The couple circle the holy flame or the havan seven times They take seven different vows with each round. Of the seven, the first four rounds are taken around the pyre, while the next 3 are done around the entrance of the house, in a Marwari Wedding Rituals.

Ashwarohan Marwari Wedding Rituals.

The bride steps on a grinding stone and later does an offering of puffed rice or keel to the Agnidev, in this ritual.

Jua Khilai  Marwari Wedding Rituals.

A fun ritual that takes place after the wedding rituals are done. The couple is made to perform fun activities together as an ice breaker.


The bride finally bids adios to her parent’s home and sets on her journey to her new life. This the most heart melting and bittersweet of all the Marwari Wedding Rituals.