12 Amazing Christian Wedding Rituals & Traditions in India

So the angelic white gowns, and the sombre flower decor, and the aesthetic arrangements. Aren’t they a reminder of a quintessential Chiristian Wedding to us Indians? Exactly, the christian wedding rituals in India are indeed unique and distinctive from the Christian weddings of the rest of the world.

The christian marriage rituals in India are very much influenced by the Culture of the country. And today we are up with sharing what each of these rituals mean and imply.

But before that let us speak about some very interesting customs in a christian wedding India. 

  • The Bridesmaids and Groomsmen- This is a way the Bride and Groom honors their very close peers, siblings and cousins, who they want to positively share their day’s joy with.
  • The Flower Girl And The Ring Bearer- The flower girl and the ring bearer are usually a little girl and a boy, who paves the path of the bride through the aisle by spreading flower petals, and carrying the cushion with the wedding rings of the bride and the groom. They are kids usually of ages between 4 to 9.
  • Accoutrements A Bride Should Carry- A Christian bride is typically supposed to carry at least something blue, along with her outfit, as it is believed to shoo away evil eyes. Wearing something inherited by her from her grandmother and mother, is believed to keep their blessing. Also borrowing something from a happily married couple is believed to bring good fortune of love to the couple.
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Christian Wedding Rituals in India.

1. Engagement Ceremony Of Indian Christians.

2. Bachelorette Party Christian Wedding Rituals.

3. Haldaat Or Roce Christian Wedding Rituals.

4. Welcome Of Bride To The Venue.

5. Mass Christian Wedding Rituals.

6. Christian Wedding Rituals Of Taking The Vows.

7. Christian Wedding Rituals Of The Consent.

8. The Very Indian Mangalsutra Ritual.

9. The Wedding Bouquet Throwing Ritual.

10. The Grand Wedding Reception.

11. The Wedding Toast!

12. Off To Honeymoon!

1. Engagement Ceremony Of Indian Christians

christian engagement
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The herald of the entire wedding saga, engagement marks the beginning and consent of the couple to step into a new life of love and commitment. The bride’s parents usually host this by inviting only close family and friends.

2. Bachelorette Party Christian Wedding Rituals

A fun and very modern christian ritual for marriage. The friends and peers of the bride and groom arrange for separate parties for each of them. The Bride cuts a cake that has a thimble hidden in it. The person who gets their piece with the thimble is believed to be the next one to get married.

3. Haldaat Or Roce Christian Wedding Rituals

A ritual very much similar to haldi ceremony. In North Indian Christian families, these christian marriage rituals take place a day before the wedding where turmeric ubtan is applied to the bride and the groom. However, in South india and Goan indian christian weddings, the turmeric paste is replaced by coconut and sandalwood pastes.

4. Welcome Of Bride To The Venue

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Unlike weddings in other Indian religions, it is the bride who arrives at the wedding venue, in a car sent by the groom, which has the best man accompany her. On reaching the venue, her father walks her down the aisle, and hands her hand over to the groom.

5. Mass Christian Wedding Rituals

It is indeed a very important ritual of christian wedding, especially for catholics. This marks the beginning of the wedding ritual where the priest recites religious hymns and homily, that explains the importance and significance of the nuptial tie.

6. Christian Wedding Rituals Of Taking The Vows

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The bride and groom in these rituals in christian wedding, read out their respective vows that they have composed. This is a totally personalised set of vows, that the couple compose for each other, as a sign of extreme love and affection.

7. Christian Wedding Rituals Of The Consent

After the couple recite their wedding vows, the priest asks them to consent if they are ready to cherish and nourish their relationship for the rest of their lifetime. To this the bride and groom are supposed to reply “Yes, I do”.

8. The Very Indian Mangalsutra Ritual

Owing to Indian wedding rituals, as their origin, traditionally the groom ties a mangalsutra around the bride’s neck. This is especially common in the southern part of the country. However, in modern times, many couples exchange rings just like other parts of the world.

9. The Wedding Bouquet Throwing Ritual

This is a very fun and informal part of a christian wedding planning. The bride turns around with all her bridesmaids lining behind her. She tossed the bridal corsage or the bouquet she was carrying. The first person to catch it is said to be the next in the line, to get hitched.

10. The Grand Wedding Reception

christian wedding reception
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This is a grand supper organised by the families after the marriage ceremony. The couple perform their first dance together after their marriage. This is followed by a grand feast where the families and friends enjoy, and the couple cut their wedding cake.

11. The Wedding Toast

Good wine and food is an undetachable part of a typical christian wedding. With their near and dear ones around the newly wed couple have a gala time and a number of fun activities to commemorate their day. A toast is raised in the name of the couple.

12. Off To Honeymoon

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It is right after the reception or the day next to the reception night, the couple head for their Honeymoon trip. The honeymoon is a period to connect, unwind, rejoice as a spouse, contemplate on your love, and build for the future.